How to be the ‘favourite’ this Fathers’ Day!

Fathers’ Day is next week Sunday, 18th June – deliver your love straight to his doorstep, bow included.


Which gift would suit dad best?

  1. My dad loves a whisky sundowner after fishing… Try:Whisky Box





2. My dad always snacks on biltong while watching the rubgy… Try: Dad’s Delight

Dad's Delight






3. My dad has a sweet tooth on one side of his mouth and a savoury tooth on the other…Try: Delectable or Nik Nak Box







4. My dad is a health nut… Try: Nature’s Wonder





5. He doesn’t go a day without dried fruit… Try: Nibble Platter




See also: Racer, Red Baron and Sporster



Wishing a Happy Fathers’ Day to all the dads!



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