Also known as the African Daisy, the gerebera is a bright and cheerful flower, ranking as the fifth most popular cut flower in the world. The red, pink, orange or white flower blooms can reach up to a diameter of 12 cm and makes for a beautiful addition to any arrangement. They are also fun flowers to give out as a single stem. Gerberas usually flower between November and May, preferring warmer weather in South Africa. In a vase, they can live for around 14 days. Gerbera stems can droop if in too much water: to prevent the stem bending, keep the vase filled with two fingers of water that you replenish often, rather than filling the vase.


Did you know? At night, the flower discharges oxygen and absorbs carbon dioxide and other toxins found in the air.

Gerbera look sweet arranged in a basket for birthdays or other celebrations.

Deep red gerbera match well in a bunch with romantic dark roses and greens

Enjoy the many colours of gerbera in a mixed bunch!

Gerbera can look striking in an arrangement with flowers of similar shades

Pink Gerbera in a bunch work well for warm wishes