Maroon Bridal Bouquet

We love being a part of weddings, the excitement, anticipation and not to mention, always beautiful flowers! See some shots of our making of the bride’s bouquet, the final product and the accompanying bridesmaid’s bouquets.

Christmas is around the corner.

Christmas is just around the corner and we all know that we will watching our pennies.  But there is a way to bring the beauty of flowers into your home at not much cost.  There are so many plants and flowers that are in your garden that will make magnificent arrangements.  Why don’t you pop […]

Red Roses on Valentines Day

Some may feel that Valentine’s Day has become too commercial and even slightly passé, but no-one can deny their delight in receiving a dozen red roses. Their natural beauty and fragrance make them a classic choice to celebrate love, and an antidote to gimmicky gifts. They are an iconic symbol of love and passion and […]

Send flowers and more

Send Flowers with a Difference A new trend in flower arrangements is emerging which encourages you to add more than just flowers to your arrangements. When you send flowers to friends and family, the addition of fruits, berries, unusual grasses, herbs, and even vegetables is becoming more popular as designers look for unique and personal […]