The personality of flower arrangements

Sometimes choosing flowers to send can be tricky, it helps to think in categories that you may be able to match to the person you are sending them to.

A few different personality traits that might define what you choose to buy.  You might fit into one of these categories-

  • Elegant

  • Exotic

  • Traditional

  • Natural/rustic

  • Romantic


Elegant arrangements are more formal not necessarily romantic, usually carrying bold shapes and taller features, often with whites. Lilies and roses are often considered elegant. Elegant arrangements go well in longer vases or sleek, rounded boxes.


Most times these are vibrant colours such as reds,  oranges, and purples, with unusual or interesting flowers like  Strelitzia, Orchids, and darker or more tropical foliage. These arrangements go well in silver or mirrored boxes and vases.



This category is suited to almost all occasions, such as birthdays, funerals, weddings or events like Easter and Christmas.  For example, customers may request a small arrangement of soft pinks to celebrate the birth of a new baby girl. These are the arrangements that are designed with an assortment of seasonal flowers. Customers often request crystal or class to package this style of arrangement.




 These flowers are more informal and casual, for the wild at heart. These flowers tend to be more seasonal, and are for the flower overs who enjoy sunflowers, daisies or a more South African rustic feel with Proteas and desert roses or other succulents. Customers often make use of jars, metallic or wooden boxes to package this style of flower.




Bold reds or softer pinks can be used in romantic arrangements. Roses go far to make a romantic statement. Tulips also do well, as do stargazer lilies. These work well in bouquets but also in pretty vases.


What are your favourite flowers?