Using food with floral arrangments

Food can add interesting dynamic and glamour to your flower arrangements. The richly textured green and purple cabbage or kale for example, is now widely popular and you probably have seen them for sale in shops with flowers and even in bridal bouquets.

Rich colours: tiered orchids with aubergine, pomergranates and even mushrooms create a harvest theme.

Rich colours: tiered orchids with aubergine, pomegranates and even mushrooms create a harvest theme.


Fruit can be a fun way to brighten up a table arrangement. Florists know to use fruit for short-term arrangements. They release a chemical called ethylene which causes ripening and therefore can age the flowers quickly.

Apples: apples are fresh and great to use for brunches when planning table décor. They are also for more casual occasions, so pair with casual flowers like carnations. Make sure to polish before including!

Lemons and limes: Citrus fruits add a vibrant energy to arrangments. They are eye-catching when used in slices against the glass of vases.

Slices of lime compliment pink flowers

Slices of lime compliment pink flowers



Broccoli’s add great texture when used to compliment florals. Use with a simple colour scheme since your emphasis will be on texture.

Brinjals add very rich colour when added, and are a favourite for harvest themed settings.

vegetables flowers

Candles encircled in artichoke, beans and asparagus for an earthy feel. Paired with berries and simple flowers.

Coffee beans

coffee hydrangers

Added to a vase, coffee beans add interesting texture and aroma. They could be used for high tea themed occasions.



Nuts encased in their shells, such as walnuts or hazelnuts, exude a sense of warmth and luxury and go well with dark roses and orchids for a harvest theme.

hazelnuts candles

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